"Tension Headaches ruled my life, the medicines made me sleepy, so after talking to my doctor about alternatives, I decided to try massage. The massage techinques Edi uses have helped tremendously. My headaches are fewer in number and much less intense. I was very nervous about the massages in the beginning, but Edi put me at ease. She is freindly, easy to talk with, listens well and is flexible with scheduling." - Barbara G.

"Massage is good for the mind, body and soul! I truly believe I don't have any serious back trouble anymore because of having Edi give me a massage once a month. Edi has just the right touch and the right amount of pressure for my massage. I feel so relaxed after my massage." - GB

"Edi is the best massage therapist and esthetician I’ve ever been to. She gives the best facial massages. I was glad to have found Edi. After years of being with Edi, I moved back home and still cannot find somebody who has the same touch and flair as Edi. She is truly one of a kind." - Debbie D.

"I would have sleepless and restless nights due to leg pain. After I started receiving massage from Edi, she relieves the pain in my legs and I can actually sleep through the night and do not wake up in pain." - Chris S.

"I have been massaged all over the world and Edi gave me the best massage I have ever had." - James B.

"She has great hands…firm, yet gentle and definitely healing." - Steve J.

"Edi has been my angel for several years now. She has a gift of healing that is incredible. Her attitude, continuing education and professionalism make her one of the most talented therapists in her field. My visits with her are always special. And so are her dogs. They help too." - Thank you Edi, Susan K

"My husband and I bought a Pre-Pay Package and really have enjoyed sharing it. Sometimes we have separate appointments and other times we go together. it is a nice variation for time together. Edi's studio is very welcoming and peaceful and calming." - Sara & Roger P.

"Going to see Edi is one of my favorite things to do and Agape is one of my favorite places to go. I experience such peace from the soothing atmosphere that she has created. Her hands are magic. Her touch is very healing and I feel rejuvenated after my time with her. I have been seeing Edi for four years now and I wouldn't miss an appointment with her." - Kelly S.