Angie's List

I am quirky!
I am unique!
I am me!

I am loving and giving. I have a kind, compassionate, and generous heart! I have a good mind. I am strong. I am confident. I am logical and reasonable. I'm fearless. I am adventurous. I’m goofy and silly. I have a great sense of humor and I love to laugh and have fun. I can be funny. I have been told that I talk funny. Life is funny.

I am a free spirit. I do my own thing and follow my heart. All my life experiences have made me who I am today and for that I am grateful. I am an intuitive, gifted, and creative individual. I am grateful for my gift of touch and am happy to share it with others. To have the opportunity to experience people’s complete trust in me, that my work will provide them with benefits, is truly a blessing and one that I welcome every time I am given it. I have some of the best clients. I am eternally grateful for them. Without them I would not be who or where I am. Agape Massage and Esthetics is where clients become friends.

Daily, I focus on being humble, grateful, and authentic. I speak my mind. I can handle the truth. I mostly adhere to the K.I.S.S principle....Keep it Simple...

Show me. Don’t tell me.

I am grateful. I am happy. I have my own way of looking at the world. It works for me. I believe that life's happiness is mainly about perception, the choices we make, and surrounding ourselves with good music, good animals, good friends, laughter and love.

People who know me know that music and dogs color my world happy. It is hard for me to explain the amount of pure joy and satisfaction I get from both. I have two female American Pit Bull Terriers, Mercedes and Macy. You will see pics of them throughout my site. They are two of the most incredible dogs I have ever met in my life. They are so smart and loving. They are loyal, gentle and sweet. They are energetic and playful. They have great personalities. They are comedians and make me laugh out loud several times a day. I always say that I couldn’t love them anymore than I already do. I adore them. They are truly the sunshine of my life. They like to be a part of everything. They love to go in the car and play in the park. They also enjoy running along the side of my bike up and down The Monon Trail. Mercedes is AKC ATT and CGC certified. They also adore each other and have a real good time playing and hanging out together. They are truly like long lost sisters. They clicked instantly and have not left each other’s sides since. I adopted both of them from local animal shelters.

Music has always been a very integral part of my life. I remember as a very small child carrying around my mom’s transistor radio that didn’t have very good reception and most of what would play would be full of static. It didn’t matter. It was important for me to hear it, regardless of the sound quality. Today, I enjoy many different genres of music. Pearl Jam is my favorite band. I also enjoy going to live shows and have been to several over the years. I’m always hip to hearing a good beat or a smart lyric. I enjoy theatre, dance and the arts, including the art and history of tattooing.

Gardening is another of my creative passions. This is evident by the beautiful wild flower garden that is my front yard. Some of those pictures are throughout the site. I love "diggin' in the dirt!" My favorite elements of nature are the wind, the water, and the trees. I love a warm rain on a summer evening.

I have a good eye for interior design. I have always enjoyed decorating the various living spaces I’ve had throughout the years.

I enjoy photography also.

I competed in speech contests in high school and was awarded several blue ribbons. I have been involved in theatre on and off throughout my life. I really enjoy being on the stage. My dream is to be on Second City’s stage. I love making people laugh because I know how good it feels when other people make me laugh. Go for the Laugh. Always. Go for the Laugh!

I play and make devil sticks. I have painted on canvas with acrylics. I have knitted sweaters. I have made candles and soap. I have painted jeans and sold them in a shop. I danced formally for ten years...I still dance...like no one is watching. ☺

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a semester of college over in Grantham, England. I visited many different countries and had once in a life time experiences. (Thanks Dad!) I love learning and have many degrees, licenses, and certifications. Mostly, what they all mean is that I have spent a lot of money to learn stuff. It also all has gotten me to where am today and they were all necessary to do that.

All the pictures you see throughout the site have been taken either by me or a good friend of mine. Rotating underneath the pictures are some of my favorite quotes. Spend some time reading them. Enjoy my site and I look forward to seeing you! ☺