What is Agape?

It is my mission with Agape Massage and Esthetics to change the perception of the industry from one of luxury to one of necessity. The health benefits derived from regular massage treatments have been proven time and time again and I don’t think health benefits should be a luxury. All people at any time should be able to afford massage and reap the benefits it has to offer. Massage increases circulation and lymph drainage, it eases sore muscles, and reduces tension and aids in relaxation. I have created Pre-Pay Packages that offer massage at an affordable rate and can easily fit into anybody’s budget. The more massage is received the more benefits are derived. Most clients are on a 2-4 week schedule.

I also want to introduce the concept of essential touch. Shelley Taylor, a researcher, has written a wonderful book entitled, The Tending Instinct. In this book, she explains the integral and absolutely necessary human need for touch. Babies and children who grow up in orphanages and do not receive ongoing one-on-one human contact with a caregiver will experience what is called failure to thrive syndrome. These babies fail to grow at a normal rate and end up in vegetative states unable to talk, walk, or even perform daily activities, such as eating and changing clothes. These studies have shown that human contact is more important to normal healthy growth and development than even food and drink. This need for touch does not diminish as we age. It is still so important and crucial to our daily living and well being. Our society’s perception of touch is primarily one of a sexual nature. Massage therapy has often been equated with sex. I wish to open your mind to the difference between sexual touch and essential touch. Sexual touch can, perhaps, satisfy essential touch but essential touch alone is not sexual in any regard. At Agape Massage and Esthetics I give essential touch. We, as humans, need to be touched and in our virtual society we are getting further and further away from actual physical touch.

So come to Agape and experience the beauty and innocence of essential touch. You may do that in the form of a massage or a facial or both. Many clients go for the gusto and schedule a two hour session including a facial and massage. Truly, that is an amazing experience. In a distinctive style all my own, I customize each massage based on the reason the client has presented for a massage, whether that be for a relaxation massage, concentrated bodywork, or a sports massage. I also practice the John F. Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release. You will see a link to his website on my Links Page where you can learn more about John’s work.

So, Welcome to Agape Massage and Esthetics. I look forward to meeting you. Please leave me your contact info on the Contact page. I’ll be in touch. Peace and LOve!